Dance Company

The Company has the same cast since its inception.

It also works with dancers and guest choreographers.

It has a repertoire for children and the general public.

All shows are registered with the General Inspection of Cultural Activities (IGAC) and protected by the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA).

It developed a project of Dance and Judo, an innovative project, which received great attention from the Federations and several Sports entities. In the face of media coverage, it served as the basis for launching an international competition aimed at crossing martial arts with other arts.

Given the lack of funding, the company was divided into two sub-structures that work in parallel and often together:

- The School Dance Company
   - The Inclusive Dance Company

The first develops works with students and supports artists in the scope of show production, producing amateur and semi-professional shows, interpreted only by students, thus contributing to experience in the work context and the cultural dynamism of the Municipality of Cascais.

The Inclusive Dance Company has had a significant highlight for its inclusive choreographic work, as such, the brand was registered: Paula Marques- Inclusive Dance Company of Cascais. Generally, it has a more irregular organization and cultural production, but AluapDans' goal is to transform the work into a regular production, with the simultaneous participation of several entities in the Municipality of Cascais. In the area of ​​inclusion, it has developed projects with the most diverse populations. 

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