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Physical Therapy


Personalized services for students and general public

Areas of Intervention

Personalized Counseling for Dancers

Primary Health Care (Prevention)

General Sports ​Lesions

Cardiorespiratory ​ Disorders

Musculoskeletal ​ Disease

Global Posture Reeducation ​

Urinary and Faecal Incontinence ​

Facial Pain and Temperomandibular Joint Disorders

Dermatofunctional ​Physical Therapy

Post-Surgical Recovery

Balance and Proprioceptive Training ​

Neurology ​

Mental Health ​

Pediatrics ​

Aging ​


Physical Therapists


Paula Fernandes

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I have worked in health care and dance training for over 26 years and I can´t imagine myself doing anything else. This is what makes me happy... 


José Barrinha

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I have been a physical therapist for over 26 years.

I truly love my profession just as much as I enjoy sports and being surrounded by nature.

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