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School Regulation

Season 2021/2022

The regulation is an integral part of the registration form, and students are thereby obliged to comply with it. AluapDans-CDPM reserves the right to review and modify its content. Changes to the regulation will be duly communicated.

It is a special obligation of the student to make sure, in advance, that he/she has no contraindications to access and practice sports.


1. Enrollment and Admission:

- Students from 3 years old are admitted to AluapDans -CDPM.

- Registration is valid upon delivery:

  • Application form (Online or available at the school*)

  • 1 recent passport type photo

  • Payment of annual registration or re-enrollment fee

  • Payment of annual insurance

  • Monthly Fee Payment

      (* In the case of younger students, the application form must be signed by parents or guardians)

- Entries will be sorted sequentially according to the date of entry.

- Once the vacancies are filled, the remaining candidates will be transferred to an alternate list.

- Students will have an identification card, which they must present whenever a tuition is paid.

- The first experimental class, in the intended subject, is free only in case of effective enrollment of the student and only during the month in which the experimental class is held.

Otherwise, the frequency of any experimental class costs 8€, either for new students or students already enrolled in the school.

- Students who are interested in a non-regular attendance, can pay single class lessons which cost 12€ per class.

- Access to Vocational Courses, require students pass the entrance tests, designed to assess dance learning skills and abilities.

2- International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) - Certified / Vocational Courses:

- A vocational / certified course entails a minimum compulsory attendance according to the subjects:

* Classic ballet * Tap dance * Modern Jazz

3- Exams:

- Attending a vocational course requires undertaking examinations by the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and subsequent certification.

- The costs of the exams vary according to the grade.

- All exams must be paid in advance.

- After enrollment and payment, in case of withdrawal or no show, the amount will not be returned unless the student presents a formal medical report.

4- Material / Uniform:

- It is mandatory to wear the school´s uniform. The student will not be allowed to take the class, exams or presentations without his or her uniform.

- In the case of classes and free courses, we strongly advise the use of the school´s t-shirt.

- Costs with material and uniforms are of the responsibility of parents and/ or students.

- The hair must be properly tied up and in accordance with the subject in question.

- No earrings, bracelets or watches are allowed in class.

- Footwear should be appropriate and according to the specific subject in question and no footwear worn outdoors is allowed in the classroom.

- AluapDans- CDPM is not responsible for the damage, theft or loss of any personal items.

- Vocational Course students who do not attend class with their uniform will be subject to material faults.

- The number of material shortages will be taken into account in the student´s assessment.


5- Payment of Monthly Fees:

- If the student does not fully participate in the classes in which he/she is enrolled (in person or online), the loss is at his /her own expense and the school is not obligated to assume any compensation or discount in tuition.

- Payment of monthly fees must be made until the 8th of each month. After this deadline, the monthly fee increases by 10€.

- After the 15th of each month, the student will not be allowed to continue attending classes until both the monthly and the 10€ fine are settled. Classes missed due to these debts are not liable to any type of compensation.

- Proof of payments needs to be sent to until the 8th of each month in order to avoid any fine.

- Students undergoing financial difficulties must inform the School Board in writing until the 8th of each month. Requests for financial aid, as scholarships, must be accompanied by supporting documents or other information requested by the Board of Direction.

- After one month of not paying the tuition, the student will be suspended until the payment is updated.

- The monthly amount payable does not change in the months that are affected by national or local holidays or school interruptions.

- The student must only attend the classes in which he/she enrolls, on a regular basis and without interruptions, in order not to disturb the functioning /organization of the classes and of the school itself.

- Any student wishing to change the course of his/her studies and/or classes, can only do so upon prior request with a minimum of 1 month. Monthly fee will remain unchanged until the approval by the school´s board.

- When the student does not attend classes, without notice and formal medical justification, for a period of over 1 month, renewal of the registration will be required in order to attend classes again.

- The withdrawal or temporary interruption of class attendance (even with medical justification) does not require reimbursement of any amount already paid and is not subject to compensation. The same applies in the case of non-payment of tuition or any delays superior to a month.

- The tuition related to July, is diluted in the second and third month of class attendance. It has a unique value of 52 € and is the same for all students in the school. (Except for the School Year 2021/2022)

- The July tuition fee allows the student to attend all classes taught during this period, under a free traffic attendance, according to the schedules previously arranged for this purpose. (Except for the School Year 2021/2022)

- In order to attend classes in July, students can not have any previous outstanding payments.

6- Payment Methods:

- Payments must be made to Paula Marques- Dance Company (Companhia de Dança Paula Marques) and in the following ways:

  • Cash 

  • MBWay

  • Bank Transfer (Indicating the name of the STUDENT in the description of the operation)

  • IBAN PT50 0035 0734 00018954530 21.

- Bank transfer proofs need to be sent to the school´s correct email address:, indicating the student's name, until the 8th of each month.


7- School Year Calender and Class Schedules:

- Classes start on the 16th of September 2020 and end on the 23rd of July 2021:

     1st Period- 16/09/21 to 17/12/21

     2nd Period- 04/01/22 to 05/04/22

     3rd Period- 19/04/22 to 30/06/22

- During periods in which the school is closed, workshops, artistic vacations and other activities can be developed with school teachers and/or invited artists or teachers.

- AluapDans- CDPM management reserves the right to change, replace and/or suppress any subjects, schedules and teachers whenever necessary.

- The student can only attend the classes in which he/she is enrolled. Students are not allowed to compensate classes between subjects.

- The class schedule related to July is different from the rest of the school year and is advertised at the end of June.

- In July, students may attend all classes, except for the Dance Fitness and the Creative Dance Class students.  


8- Dance Shows and Performances:

- There will be an enrollment fee for each dance show and/or box office. The amount varies depending on the location of the show and related expenses to be borne by the school.

- After payment of the fees /tickets, in case the student cannot participate, the amount will not be refunded unless the student presents a medical report.

- Costs related to the wardrobe are variable and will be discussed in good time with the parents. Non-acceptance of costs implies non-participation of the student in public presentations.

- Not all wardrobe borrowed by the school is free of cost. A rental fee may be charged according to the school´s price list.

- Wardrobe that is damaged or lost will have to be paid in full.

- Students who do not attend classes regularly, or miss the rehearsals or main wardrobe rehearsal, will be prevented from participating in the shows, and the previously paid registration fees will not be refunded.

- AluapDans- CDPM reserves the right to undergo a prior selection of the students who are interested in participating in the school's dance projects and shows.

9- Dance Company:

- Access to the work developed within the scope of the dance company is only for students formally enrolled in the dance school, with good technical and artistic capacity, and who are interested in choreographic composition and inclusive projects.

- Selection is made by audition.

- Applications must enroll online, through the website and being part of the projet means being available on weekends.

- Students included in the dance company project must scrupulously comply with all the rules, as well as the rehearsal schedules.

- Students who miss more than two consecutive rehearsals, without any justification, will be removed from the dance project.

10-Photographing and Filming Rules:

- AluapDans- CDPM reserves the right to use images of its classes, events and shows, solely for the purpose of promoting the school.

- Non-acceptance of the above, on behalf of the student, parent or guardian, implies the non-participation in public shows and / or presentations.

- AluapDans- CDPM does not authorize the publication of photographs or videos of classes, choreography and/or shows on social networks.

- Any disclosure on social networks require the permission of the school´s board in order to check accordance with the legislation and professional image that the school intends to disseminate.

- Any post or publicity that students or guardians may suggest, as part of the school's activities, should be sent by email or posted on the school's own social networks. These will be revised and duly authorized, allowing public shares as long as the respective content has the appropriate credits: venue, authorship and event organizer.

- Image capture is not allowed by students and/or guardians during classes, including the open public classes.

- It is expressly forbidden to photograph, film or sound record the school´s shows. AluapDans-CDPM has the support of professionals for this purpose. Students and/or guardians have access to them upon request or order.

11- Attendance and Punctuality:

- Students are required to attend classes regularly, in order to follow the programs correctly and not to disturb the work of the teachers and peers.

- Students are required get to classes on time.

- Unless prior notice and authorization of the teacher, any student who arrives over 15 minutes late, may not attend the class.

- Vocational Education students have an estimated limit of unexcused absences per school year and in each subject. It is equal to double the number of weekly classes. 

12- Parental Assistance:

- Whenever parents wish to speak with a teacher or with the school´s principal, they should contact the school directly by email or telephone. If the school is not available, parents should request a meeting.

- Teachers will not be able to attend parents during the period of the classes.

- Whenever the teacher and/or principal understands that it is necessary to speak directly to the parents, they will be contacted personally and/or summoned.

13- Student Accompaniment:

- Parents are responsible for escorting their child to and from the AluapDans-CDPM facilities, as well as for any traveling to and from dance shows or events.

14- Permission to Remain in the Classrooms:

- With the exception of open classes, family, friends or former students may only watch classes with the permission of the teacher and school.

- Students are not allowed to enter the classroom without the presence of a teacher.

- Eating in the classroom is prohibited

- Mobile phones are not allowed in class.

- Students may not handle or damage the material available at the school.


15- Scholarships:

- AluapDans- CDPM Scholarships are for students who have proven vulnerable economic situation and that are residents in the Cascais Municipality.

- Application for the scholarship involves the submission of the following documents:

  • Letter of interest

  • Last Income Statement

  • Complete Application form


- Candidates who meet the above requirements will be contacted for an admission test/audition.

- Students who accept scholarships are not exempt from the enrollment fee, insurance and acceptance of school policies.

- In case of admission, the scholarship student will have to attend classes for the full school year and assiduously, or he/she will loose his/her right to the scholarship as well as re-application.

- The scholarship holder, at the end of the school year, in order to continue his/her studies, will have to renew his/her application and evaluation.

- If there is more than one student interested in the same vacancy, admittance depends on the students ranking and results. 

- Interested students can apply during the period that runs from the 1st of July until the 31st of October of each year.

- Scholars may not miss more than two classes in a row without proper justification, otherwise they may loose their right to the scholarship.

- If the scholarship holder gives up without a justified reason and/or without written communication to the school´s board, he/she will be inhibited from submitting a new application within the following 2 years.

- If a vacancy arises during the school year due to a withdrawal or loss of a scholarship, the next candidate in line will be invited to enroll.


16- Data Protection:

- AluapDans- Paula Marques Dance Company only sends information regarding its specific activities and educational offer in dance.

- The school reserves the right to include student´s emails in the school´s data base for the newsletter.

- The school does not disclose any data or contacts to third parties and treats all personal data in accordance to National and International Laws, protecting therefore student´s privacy.

- Students are welcome to access their personal information, as well as make any corrections, updates and/or oppositions by accessing links always available in the emails we send or by directly emailing the school´s email address:

- Re-subscribing or unsubscribing is possible at any time considered convenient.

Last Update July 2021

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